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Treasure Island Explorations is a Five Nights at Treasure Island based RPG. This is not to be confused with FNATI World, as this is a Fan-Game idea by Copper Freddy. If you like your Characters to be in the game, feel free to ask Copper Freddy.

About Edit

Treasure Island: Explorations is a RPG, non-canon to the story. It features all the Characters of FNATI, and extra Suits (MickMick, Goofy, Donald, Minnie). In this story, you can Collect Suits and adventure on the Mysteries of Treasure Island...

(Please note that Characters are not altered, they use OG Models).

Gameplay Edit

Somewhat Very Simple.

The Player Explores Treasure Island and can converse between Mogwil's Palace and Discovery Island. He/She can recruit Suit Characters, all of which can be put to Battle. They can buy upgrades for their Characters, and complete quests on the way.

Battling Edit

If the player faces a enemy, The Player can put suits up to battle, in which they have special Moves to fight. Each area has a tier of Characters. Higher Tiers are better.

  1. Tier 1 (Treasure Island)
  2. Tier 2 (Mogwil's Palace)
  3. Tier 3 (Discovery Island)

Questing Edit

Questing is like any RPG. You interact with a NPC, and they will ask you a deed for a reward.

-more details coming soon.

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