¡¡¡Welcome To Treasure Island Shorts!!!


Oswald: hey Ortensia are you real?

Ortensia: yes

Oswald: eehhh...... the others i was told that you no exist

Ortensia: i'm real!!!! in the real life mature Oswald


Photo-Negative Mickey: last reports of the island

Disembodied: this is so BORING.... i'm going of here bye!!!!! *Disembodied it goes from here*

Photo-Negative Mickey: i hate this day


Impure Mouse: hello!!! i'm Impure Mouse from the Treasure Island

Photo-Negative Minnie: who are you?

Impure Mouse: i'm Impure Mouse and who are you

Photo-Negative Minnie: i'm Photo-Negative Minnie ¡¡you're like me!! but normal colors go away!!!

Impure Mouse: ok


Photo-Negative Mickey: yes!! time for yellow blood!! *Photo-Negative Mickey revome the head and the yellow blood jumps everywhere*

Oswald: *Oswald stain with the yellow blood* Stop Mickey!! you stain me!!!!

Photo-Negative Mickey: nope

Oswald: *Oswald he puts the Photo-Negative Mickey head again and stop yellow blood sprout*

Photo-Negative Mickey: OSWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oswald: ok i'm going here *Oswald run of Photo-Negative Mickey*

Photo-Negative Mickey: I'M GONNA KILL YOU OSWALD!!!


Suicide Mouse: hello

The Face: hello Suicide

Suicide Mouse: i'm win the Pac-Man and you lose HAHAHAHA!!! IN YOUR FACE *Badum Psssss*

The Face: stop the puns of my name!!!!!!!! no more puns!!!!!!


Disembodied: hey Daisy

Daisy Duck: yes Donald?

Disembodied: you are beatiful

Daisy Duck: Thanks Donald

Disembodied: haha

Photo-Negative Mickey: *Photo-Negative Mickey calls Disembodied* hello Disembodied

Disembodied: you talk of the Date? all good, nothing bad bye

Photo-Negative Mickey: bye

Disembodied: ok


MickMick: *MickMick plays The Binding of Isaac:Afterbirth* i'm gonna beat the game with Judas *Judas was killed by Mom's Heart* i hate you Computer

MickMick: I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE!!!!! *MickMick made the computer out the window*



Welcome to the family by anart1996-d8f8d0w

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