Welcome to the Episode 2 from Treasure Island Shorts


Acephalous: Tralala *Acephalous opens the Freezer of Meat Freezer*

Photo-Negative Mickey: mmm... cheeze

Acephalous: MICKEY!!!

Photo-Negative Mickey: Sorry eeehhh cheeze?

Acephalous: no thanks *Acephalous closes the freezer*


Greg: *Greg calls Jake*

Jake: hello

Greg: hello Jake you are

Photo-Negative Mickey: Shut up Greg!!!!!

Greg: ok


Suicide Mouse: Tralala wow one second!!!! who are you?

Nightmare Suicide Mouse: hello i'm Nightmare Suicide Mouse

Suicide Mouse: ok


Willy: The Remastered 3.0 is the best version of Five Nights at Treasure Island for me and Impure Mouse replaces Photo-Negative Mickey and Photo-Negative Minnie

Photo-Negative Mickey: NO! the Full Version is the best version of all Remastered 3.0 is bad!!!!!!

Photo-Negative Minnie: yes!

Disembodied: All hate the Remastered 3.0 is baad!!!!!

Willy: oh no

The Face: Remastered 3.0 is baad!!!!!

Daisy: BAAAAADDDDD!!!!!!!!

Willy: *Willy runs of all*

Impure Mouse: wait Willy!!! *Impure Mouse runs of all*

Photo-Negative Mickey: ok i'm the principal antagonist and i'm create the Full Version and Abandoned: Discovery Island hehe i'm the best


Acephalous: i'm Troll!!!


Photo-Negative Mickey: All my versions of Five Nights at Treasure Island is best and Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Original Revamp is a good game! and Five Nights at Treasure Island: The Revenge.... the creator is a user but he's not me and other reports for FNATI is

The Next Day....

Photo-Negative Mickey: is the saga of Five Nights at Treasure Island 2 of all versions Let's The Show Begin,The End of Disney and Original Revamp are different games but all


Oswald: Wow my YouTube Channel has only 10 subscribers

Acephalous: what? you are one of the worse YouTubers of the world

Oswald: ACEPHALOUS!!!!


The Face: Ok Oswald i bet you 20 dolars if you win the Night 5 without dying by Ennard hahaha i'm the worst

Oswald: ok

5 Hours Later

Oswald: I win!!!!!

The Face: What!?!?

Oswald: The Face

The Face: ok *The Face it gives 20 dollars to Oswald*

Oswald: Thank You IN YOUR FACE!!!!

*Badum Psss*

The Face: STOP WITH THE PUNS!!!!!!


Pluto: Mickey

Photo-Negative Mickey: yes Pluto?

Pluto: i'm from Pluto

*Badum Psss*


Undying: Hello God

God: hello Undying

Undying: are you ready for the marathon of My Little Pony?

God: yes!

Undying: I have a Pony Plushie

Pony Plushie: ready for Die?

God: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Undying: Stay Calm is only a killer plushie this plushie don't moves

God: ok


Impure Mouse: I'm The True Minnie!!!!!! look my colors!!!!!!

Photo-Negative Minnie: IMPURE MOUSE!!!!!!!!!

Impure Mouse: ok


Slester: *Sing* I a doll a normal doll a spooky doll in the office desk of this island!!!

MickMick: SHUT UP!!

Slester: ok


Oswald: Hello!!!! i'm Oswald with a new video of

The Face: OSWALD!!!!!!!!

Oswald: sorry Face


MickMick: it's me the Normal Mickey Mouse

Photo-Negative Mickey: normal? you are a different eyes

MickMick: ok




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