Unfinished goofy promo

Unfinished Goofy's promo, and the 1st reveal of his full design.

Unfinished Goofy is the 1st unfinished suit to move, and activates on Night 6.


Unfinished Goofy looks like Normal Goofy, but his bottom area of his left leg is ripped off, his left hand has the final, ring, and middle finger removed, and his right arm is slightly tattered, as well as his thigh.


Unfinished Goofy is like the other unfinished ones, and starts in the ventilation control room, like the others. You must press the "REBOOT UNFINISHED ONES" button to corrupt their signal.


  • Unfinished Goofy is deceased after night 13, by Mortimer Mouse from incorrectly connected wires, and a smashed and devoured animatronic skull.

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