These are just my ideas, and i am aware of Nightmare Before Disney, that's why it says MY VERSIONS

Nightmare PN Mickey

His face and left hand are black, and his left hand is melted into his face, so it looks like he's always faceplaming. He also has spikes on his right arm, and he has one glowing eye (The one thats not covered by his hand)

Nightmare Oswald

Has arms, his eyes are yellow and always appear angry. He has 6 silver claws (fingers) on each hand, and has 3 claws (toes) on his feet. He also has a sideways mouth full of sharp teeth on his torso.

Nightmare SM

He is just an outline that is difficult to see, and when attacking, gains glowing red eyes, and a mouth with sharp teeth

The Nightmare Face 

Has tentacles for arms, and 2 coming out of his back. His buttons are black, and his pants are blue, and his face is red.

Nightmare Acephalous

Has 4 arms, purple liquid coming out of the top of his neck, and his pants are disgusting-green. 

Nightmare Disembodied 

His beak is red, his eyes are missing, and a skull is visable inside through the empty sockets, a reference to the creepypasta the game was inspired by.

Nightmare Daisy

Has a sharp, white beak, no lower jaw, and dark eyes. She also has purple liquid sometimes

Nightmare PN Minnie

Has cracked teeth, red dot eyes, and longer fingers. She has a spike coming out of the back of her head and another spike replacing her left hand

Nightmare Pluto

Is black in color, and has 3 heads. Get the reference?

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