I'm now revamping my pages I made. They looked weird...

But I made a Hard Core Melted Mickey. ; )

So the pages will have a tabber for the info.


Species: Duck
Gender: Male
Color(s): White, orange, Black
Starting location: Broadcasting Room
First appearance: Unknown

Melted Donald is A melted version of Donald Duck.


He is a very melted version of Donald, and seems to be stuck to the ground.


He copies Donald, but doesn't start where he does. Instead, he starts at the Broadcasting Room. He also makes alarms for Melted Mickey to be able to get to the player.


  • It is unknown how he moves.
  • He is partners with Melted Mickey, helping him to get to the player.
  • His concept art was very different, and he was to be "The Duck".

See? But there will be a gallery under that.


And yea. That is what it will look like on my pages for EVERR!

Unless I change it.

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